Azure Site Recovery (ASR): a great way to create a SharePoint test environment


For all the IT Pro’s who have managed SharePoint farms, you know that it is difficult to set up a SharePoint test environment on premises.  It takes money, time and effort to replicate a production SharePoint farm.  Azure Site Recovery (ASR) is a cloud replication service that provides a great way to quickly create a SharePoint test environment.

  1. The Problem we are trying to solve
  2. The Solution: Azure Site Recovery to quickly and reliably create a SharePoint est environment
  3. Steps to Create a SharePoint test environment with ASR
    • 0: (optional) Create a local SP environment if you do not have one yet
    • 1: Check the requirements for ASR replication and prepare your servers
    • 2: Replicate your SP farm servers to Azure using ASR
    • 3: Using the ASR replica, create the SP Test Environment in Azure

The Problem: creating a SharePoint test environment – the traditional way – takes MONTHS

In my last IT Manager post, I was responsible for a SharePoint farm.  For a long time, we did not have the luxury of a test environment for SharePoint.  I was finally able to procure an HP Z220 workstation and used it for creating a SharePoint test environment.

I increased the memory and hard disk space on the HPZ220 and then used it to build a SharePoint test farm.  However, setting up this SharePoint test environment took 2 months time.  I spent time ordering and receiving the server and parts (upgrades).  And I spent time setting up the server and copying the production virtual machines – DC, Sql Server and SharePoint server – to the sandbox test environment.

The Solution: Azure Site Recovery – a quick and reliable mechanism to create a SharePoint test environment

What is Azure Site Recovery (ASR)? 

Azure Site Recovery is a business continuity and disaster recovery solution in the cloud.  You can protect on-premises servers or virtual machines by replicating them either to Azure or to a secondary site (data center).  If the primary data center location is down, you can fail over to the secondary site (Azure or the secondary data center).  Then when the primary site is back up and running, you can fail back to it.

Can Azure Site Recovery be used to create a SharePoint test environment?

Yes, since ASR can protect whole servers or virtual machines running different workloads, it can certainly replicate those SharePoint servers.  ASR can replicate all the components of a SharePoint farm:

  • Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) Domain Controller (DC)
  • Sql Server
  • SharePoint server

ASR can take images of your Production servers.  From those images, you can then create application consistent replica servers – in the cloud or on the secondary site.  The replica servers may then be used as test servers in a SharePoint test environment.

The whole process is fast.  At home, I have a fiber optics connection.  I was able to replicate a 3-server SharePoint farm to Azure within a few days.  However, the speed of replication depends on your network’s speed and your network’s load.

Steps to create a SharePoint Test Environment with ASR

We will cover the steps – to create the SharePoint test environment – in three major steps.

O) Optional: if, like me, you want to create a local SharePoint environment – on your laptop at home – so that you can try out Azure Site Recovery, find out how to create such a SharePoint environment using Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 Nested Virtualization step-by-step.

The following steps will be covered in separate posts.  Stay tuned:

1) Check the requirements for Azure Site Recovery (ASR) replication and prepare the SharePoint Farm’s servers
2) I will explain how to Set up a Recovery Services Vault in Azure and how to go through the Getting Started wizard.  Subsequently, we will start Replication of the SharePoint servers
3) Once we have replicated all the SharePoint servers, we can go ahead and Create a SharePoint test farm environment in the Cloud