Active Directory (ADDS) and Hyper-V posts on Spiceworks Community

I have written articles on the Spiceworks IT-Professionals Community:

I have written about virtual domain controllers (DC’s) on the Spiceworks IT Pro Community site.  The two articles are:

Migrate Active Directory domain controllers and keep the same hostname and ip address

We had 2 ADDS DC’s on 2 HP Proliant servers.  We purchased new HP servers and those DC’s needed to be moved to the new HP servers.  However, we wanted to keep the Domain Controller’s hostname and IP address the same.

Here you can find a step-by-step tutorial on how we did that.  We completed the migration in about 4 hours time with no active directory problems post the migration.

How to synchronize a virtual Domain Controller (DC) with a time source

In this article, I discuss the recommended way for a Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) Domain Controller (DC) on a Hyper-V Virtual Machine (VM) to synchronize and update its time with a time source.

Normally, a Hyper-V guest VM gets its time from its host.  And the host gets its time from the DC with the PDC emulator role.  However, when the DC (with PDC emulator role) is on a guest VM, the Hyper-V host will try to synchronize its time with its own guest VM and the VM would in turn synchronize its time with its Hyper-V host.  Consequently, this can lead to time synchronization problems.

You can find the recommended solution in this article.  And it does not involve turning off the time Synchronization Integration Service on the VM.