Azure Cognitive Services – Text Analysis Demo


The Azure Cognitive Services Text Analysis algorithms, used for this demo, can be used to track sentiments (happy, sad etc.) by analyzing text that you enter on web sites that you visit every day.  Or the algorithms may be used to analyze the words that you speak on the phone when calling a customer service help desk.


I have created a Text Analysis Demo.  On the web site (URL is below), there is an Azure Web Application where you will find a .NET Web Forms application.  The application demonstrates Azure’s Machine Learning Text Analysis algorithms.  You can enter text and it returns a value between 1 and 10 which reflects the sentiment of the text entered.

Use Case Example:

A good example, of when you may use these Cognitive Services Text Analysis algorithms, is for monitoring the general sentiment of a customer’s email message or his chat text message.  If this customer’s email or SMS reflects unhappy sentiments, then immediate customer service action can be taken to help him or her and to address the issue.  This might mean that a customer service manager steps in and finds out what is making the customer unhappy.

This kind of analysis can be used in a call center to track customers’ sentiments.

Try it for your self

Give it a go: try entering sentences – containing happy or sad sentiments – and see what the Cognitive Services text analysis algorithms return:

Azure Web App: an example of using the Bottle Framework to create a survey site

As part of my learning, I am going through sample applications in Visual Studio.  One of those samples is a Bottle Polls application.  Bottle is a fast, simple and lightweight micro web-framework for Python.

Visual Studio is a mature Python IDE.  I used Visual Studio to customize this application to include a survey about Jeddah and successfully published it as an Azure Web App.  The app uses Azure storage tables to store the polling data.  If you click on the About menu, this application will indicate that it is using Azure Storage Tables to store it data.

You can access this sample Survey Web App here:

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